Zimpeto Family Crisis Centre

We are a family crisis centre, providing stable and appropriate short term and medium housing and assistance to children and families in crisis until the child can be reunited into the biological family. We provide a supportive, protective caring environment that promotes his/her full potential.

We believe God created family and He has not uncreated family

We believe the family is the optimal unit of care for children and is the fundamental group of society for growth, wellbeing and protection of children, therefore, we do not create foster homes or artificial family units. Efforts are primarily directed towards enabling the child to return to the care of their parents or kinship care (other close family members).

Removal of children from families are seen as a last resort, and is viewed as temporary and for the shortest possible duration. Financial and material poverty are not the only justification for the removal of a child from care within the family therefore decisions are made on a case by case basis in consultation with the referring party, the social welfare team and the existing family. Criteria is based on sound professional principles and assessment is carried out in a thorough and careful way.

Every effort is made to prevent the separation of children from their parents and family, however if removal of a child from the family is required we maintain regular contact with family.

Our care model aims to empower families to actually care for their own by alleviating absolute poverty, so that the biological family can receive the child back into the family unit, in as much we identify and address root causes of child abandonment, and separation of the child from family care. We support family care giving environments, by providing safe and secure housing (constructing houses where necessary), engaging in conflict resolution, providing income generating business and social assistance.

Once every effort has been made to alleviate the causes of child separation a transitional stage of short (weekends and holidays) home visits by the child are made to the family, a review of the family is made regularly by the social welfare team. The child is then reintegrated with the family wherein follow up visits are made on a regular basis and after care is provided where needed.