Urgent Medical Attention Needed

We want to share the story of a 15 year old young man, Amanico (who had a birthday this week).

Many years ago Amancio’s father abandoned the family, his mother died when he was 7 years old. At that time he was cared for by his 19 year old brother however the situation was difficult for the brother and Amancio was brought to the centre. Our social welfare team assessed his situation to be complicated by financial, social and health issues and in 2012 he was accepted into the centre.

Amancio has been with us since 2012. We are working to reunite him with his family. However, their lives continue to be complicated by social and health issues. I want to share with you Amancio’s recent injury and subsequent care which I have been following- long distance but very much involved. All dates are approximate; 

06/08/20         X-ray of foot due to swelling and pain after a possible foot injury playing soccer. A fracture was noted and cast applied.

13/08/20         Admitted to hospital due to a grossly swollen foot, cast removed to reveal a large amount of pus discharging from his foot.

14/08/20         Foot excised, drained, and dressed, suggested that if his foot doesn’t get better he might have to have it amputated!

16/08/20         Febrile, IV antibiotics commenced.

24/08/20         Discharged and told he will be ok.

To date Amancio has continued to suffer with pain, swelling and immobility, he has seen a number of doctors with unsuccessful diagnosis on 22/10/20. We decided to have him seen privately. This doctor took  another x-ray and found him to have osteomyelitis (bone infection). 

Unfortunately his ongoing condition is due to negligence from his initial treatment at the public hospital. 

It has been decided that he needed to have surgery to clean and remove the infected area, to be given IV antibiotics and be treated until he can be free from infection. Due to complications with doctors in the public system he needs to be seen privately. The cost of this is upwards of $10,000.00 which will cover surgery, anaesthetics, hospital admission for 7 days, medications. We are asking if you would consider helping us help Amancio keep his foot and get on to the road to recovery. In 20 years in Mozambique this is only the second time Ros and Steve have asked for support. (First being Moy Moy and his work placed burns accident).

If you would like to consider donating to help Amancio with these medical expenses you can give by clicking on our Giving page to donate by paypal or email irisaustralia@irisglobal.org for our bank details (particularly for larger gifts). All donations to Iris Australia are tax deductible.

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