Block Making Project in Marracune

Iris Ministries. Inc. in Maputo is developing with the help of Iris Australia, a block making project for the reintegrated youth in Marracuene. Iris Ministries in Zimpeto has now more than 200 children living at the Centre, some of them are growing up and reaching the age that by law they have to leave the Centre. We have to reintegrate them or integrate them to the community depending on each one’s social history or family situation.

We have boys reintegrated in the Marracuene area, about 30 minutes away from the Centre, these boys have no one to go to, they are mostly orphans or abandoned a long time ago that we have no other way to track their possible families or any possible close relative. We have to provide for them housing, schooling and also technical training so that they can learn to do handy work to take care of themselves. With this Block making project, supported by Iris Australia, it has given Hope to us and also to the boys that benefit directly from this help.
We, the Iris leadership in Mozambique, especially in Maputo, Zimpeto, would like to thank Team Hope for making this project possible and also to give hope to the boys for their future.

Projects of this type are very important for the Zimpeto Children’s Centre, since these projects equip our older and reintegrated boys and girls to have a bright future. Iris Australia is a fundamental part of making this dream come true for most of our young people. Please see below some of the pictures of the project in Marracuene.


These are the boys with their teacher making the first lot of blocks. These block are being made in a professional way, this machine was purchased especially for this project for 180.000.00 mt The machine is good and can make different types of blocks, in fact 3 types of blocks, 10 cm blocks, 15 cm and 20 cm blocks These are the 3 types of blocks that are used in Mozambique, so we are making the blocks that have a good selling market.

The boys that are involved in this project are the reintegrated ones; some of them go to a regular school and afterwards come to the training to make blocks for a living and as a skill for their future.


These are 2 of the boys that are learning to make blocks in a professional way so that they can make a living. Most of our older youth go to school and also come to this project to learn the skill of making the blocks and also use this as a way to make a living.


At the moment this is the venue that is used for the project in Marracune. We are aiming to produce 500 blocks a day in the first month. The coming months we are thinking of the boys producing at least a 750 to a 1000 blocks a day. The machine can make four blocks at a time and is fast. After they learn and be professionals, we hope that they will be able to accomplish these numbers.


These are some of the materials that we use to make the blocks. Apart from the cement, there are 3 types of sand – Red sand, Thick sand and a type of very small stones that look like sand. All these 3 types of sand are mixed together with water and cement to be introduced in the machine for the block.


A water tank was added to this project to secure that water is available at all times as blocks need a lot of water to be of a very good quality. At this point the water tank is being concluded to make this project efficient. Water is on and off in this area, that is why we really need this tank to make our block making project efficient.


The machine is an electrical one and capable of making more than a thousand blocks a day; we did increase the power to the facilities to be able to use the machine without restrictions on power supply.


Here the machine is being tested and it worked perfectly. This machine was made in Mozambique and the factory is capable of maintaining the machine. This is a very big part of the project to make sure that this machine will have a very long life due to the maintenance provided by the builder.


First blocks being produced after the machine was tested, the machine is able to make 4 blocks at a time, it is very quick and efficient.




This is where they prepare the mixing of all the sand and cement to start making the blocks.

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