Have you checked that your donation through Iris Australia is Tax Deductible?

To our dear Iris Family,

We love the generous spirit and hearts of our donors. We are so grateful and encouraged by the way we see people stirred up by the Holy Spirit, with the compassion of Jesus. It is beautiful to see our family compelled by love.

We need to provide some very important guidelines when it comes to giving. Our tax laws in Australia are very different to tax laws in other countries. A classic example is that church tithing in Australia is not tax deductible.  So it is very important that before you give to Iris Australia that you check with us whether the giving you want to make, qualifies for tax deductible giving.

At the moment we are set up to receive donations for specific projects around health and education at specific bases in Mozambique (Zimpeto and Pemba). We are talking to other Iris bases with the hope of expanding.

Please understand that we must comply with Australian tax law in terms of receiving donations for alleviating educational and health issues in impoverished countries, and must demonstrate upon request that we have only issued tax deductible receipts in these circumstances.

Our hearts and prayers go out to those suffering with the effects of Hurricane Harvey in the USA, but unfortunately Iris Australia cannot receive donations for this relief effort. Please go to http://www.irisglobal.org to read about how you can give through Iris Global, Redding.

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